Thing #59 – Bike down the most dangerous road in the world

This is a new addition to my list and something I only found out about when I arrived in South America.

This most dangerous road in the world is near the city of La Paz in Bolivia. An average of 26 vehicles a year have fallen over the edge. The road has claimed 1000’s of lives and well as well as many cyclists who have cycled down it’s narrow single road.

On the left side there are up to 600m vertical drops into the jungle below.

The route itself is around 64km long and it’s a very long day. 07:30am pick up and getting back to La Paz for around 8-9pm. You start at around 4700m above sea level and then descend to around 1300m. t’s mostly downhill so even those who may be struggling fitness wise could complete the route.

The road is as dangerous as you make it. If you ride carefully then there will be no problems at all. Just make sure you take it easy.

Tips for travel

  • Try and go in the dry season. I did this in the wet season and the views were most obscured by clouds.
  • Wrap up warm. The route starts at 4700m above sea level and descends to around 1300m
  • Make sure you go with a reputable company so that first class equipment and guides are guaranteed.
  • Take it easy and don’t be an idiot. People have died doing this and a girl in the group after me broke her collar bone. This is definitely not worth killing yourself over.
  • Get ready to have some fun!


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