Thing #20 – Skydive

Well here it is…the evidence of me jumping out of a “perfectly good airplane”. Just watching the video gives me the same kind of goosebumps I had just before I jumped. It’s just crazy. Part of me still doesn’t believe that is me!:)

I hope you enjoy this and I hope it inspires you to do one to as well. Despite all the fear…(look out for how many times my tandem master tells me to stop grabbing my harness) this is one of the most amazing and incredible things I have ever done. I am so proud that I had the courage to do this.

You don’t really feel like you’re falling at 200km an hour. You feel like you’re just hovering. The earth never seems to get closer. It’s such a strange feeling and one that I have never experienced before.
The start was the worst. I’m not sure I could ever get used to sitting on the edge of a plane but falling over the breathtaking landscape of Queenstown makes up for all that worry. A dream come true and one of life’s greatest fears conquered.

A huge thank you to Nzone for helping make this happen and producing such a great video. Thank you to you guys as well for your wonderful support. You have no idea how much it helped me on the day.

I hope you all enjoy the video and my scared, excited, ecstatic and relieved expressions.

Mum and dad, you might want to sit down whilst watching this!:)


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