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The List

Ok,  so the truth is I don’t actually have 101 Things on my list – yet. A friend of mine suggested the name for the website and we thought it sounded quite snazzy so it stuck.

There are so many things I want to do and so many places I want to see. Some of these things i’ll be able to do on this trip whilst others may take me beyond this two year expedition around the world. Another truth is that I don’t really know enough about the world to know all the things that are out there. That’s where you guys come in! If you have any suggestions on places I should go or things I should do please let me know via either Twitter or Facebook. I’ll be adding to my list as I travel so fear not. There will no doubt be over 101 Things on my list by the time i’ve fisnished.
This initial list of 45 things are the things that immediately popped into my head when I thought about things i’ve always wanted to do in life. I don’t think i’ve ever written a list as quick as i wrote this one.

The Route

I’m starting my trip in Costa Rica on the 17th June 2013 where I’ll be doing volunteer work for Raleigh International for three months. From there I plan on popping up to Guatamala before heading south via Colombia and down through the west side of Souh America before heading back up to Panama via the east coast of South America. From there i’ll either sail to New Zealand or Hawaii depending on if I can get on a sailing crew or not. Then Oz and up through Indonisia  to South East Asisa. I think i’ll have a wee bit more of a think once I get there. This is also dependent on finances but i plan on travelling with as little air travel as possible and staying in the cheapest places so all should be good.

I plan on adding to my list as I travel as no doubt i’m going to meet people who suggest different things to do and places to visit. If I think it’s good i’ll add it the list!

Everyone needs something to look forward to and these are the things i’ve been looking forward to doing ever since I was told I had cancer! Dear fellow survivors and future survivors here is my list of things to look forward to  when life isn’t quite panning out how you had hoped. Hope you enjoy!

  1. Help others get through cancer (forever ongoing)
  2. Travel around the world
  3. Volunteer with Raleigh International
    La Colmena Abajo
  4. Have an entire day where I don't think about cancer
  5. Stand at the foot of Angel Falls
  6. White Water Rafting
  7. Climb a volcano
  8. Learn the Tango in Argentina
    Greig learning the Tango
  9. Watch the sunrise over Machu Picchu
    Greig over-looking Macchu Picchu
  10. Hear the water thunder down at Iguazu Falls
    Greig Trout at Iguazu Falls
  11. Chill out in a hammock in the Maldives
  12. Visit Antarctica
  13. Kayak on the Amazon
  14. Taste the air at Angkor Wat
  15. Watch the sunrise and sunset over Uluru (Ayers Rock)
  16. See the glaciers at Los Glaciares in Argentina
    Perito Moreno glacier in Argentina
  17. Learn to surf
  18. Hike through The Rockies
  19. See the and hear the geysers explode in Yellowstone National Park
    See the geysers explode in Yellowstone
  20. Skydive
    101 Greig skydiving in New Zealand
    My worst fear but I love Point Break so this has to be done!
  21. Dive at the Great Barrier Reef
  22. Stand on the Equator
    Standing on the Equator
  23. Do the Lord of the Rings Tours in New Zealand
    I'm a bit of fan.
  24. Visit Christ the Redeemer in Rio
  25. NEW ZEALAND - All of it!!
  26. Look out the window in awe on the Trans-Siberian Express
  27. See the Buddhist temples in Tibet
  28. Look at K2 and Everest with my own eyes
  29. See the amazing Mayan ruins at Tikal in Gutamala
    Mayan Ruins at Tikal, Guatemala
  30. See the Northern Lights (Aurora)
  31. See the mountains of Alaska
  32. Sing Flower of Scotland on stage at the Sydney Opera House
  33. Travel through Canada by train
  34. Visit Everest Base Camp
  35. Fly First Class
  36. Learn to snowboard
  37. See Matt Damon say "Do you like Apples?... Well I beat cancer... How do you like them apples?"
    Ridulous I know! Good Will Hunting is my favourite flick and I may have said this a few times myself.
  38. Throw a ridiculous amount of tomatoes at the annual 'Tomatina' festival in Spain
  39. Climb Ben Nevis in Scotland
  40. Black water rafting in the Waitomo caves in New Zealand
  41. Join an amateur dramatics group
  42. Practice Gratitude Everyday - forever ongoing
  43. Stand toe to toe with the Terracotta Army in China
  44. Stop worrying as much
  45. Swim with Dolphins in New Zealand
  46. Visit the Forbidden City in China
  47. Go volcano boarding
    Greig Trout volcano boarding
  48. Watch the sunrise over Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
    Lake Atitlan
  49. Sail to Colombia via the San Blas Islands
    San Blas Islands, Panama
  50. Visit the Galápagos Islands
    Tortoise on the Galápagos Islands
  51. Hit the Swings at La Casa Del Arbol, Ecuador
    Hit the swings
  52. Trek Camino de Santiago, Spain
  53. Run up the 'Rocky' steps in Philadelphia, USA
  54. Stand in awe at the salt flats in Bolivia
    Salt Flats of Bolivia
  55. Visit the Plitvice Lakes in Croatia
  56. Perform on Strictly Come Dancing
    Yes this is my favourite television show in the whole wide world, much to the amusement of my friends. I figured now I've been in the papers there could be a chance to live out my dream.
  57. Row across the Atlantic
    I've beaten cancer twice, 3000 miles should be a walk (row) in the park.
  58. Shave my head for charity
    Greig and his shaved head
    I love my hair and yes spend a we bit of time trying to make it look good. There could be tears when I do this one.
  59. Bike down the most dangerous road in the world
    Bike down the most dangerous road in the world
  60. Ride across Connecticut in Angel Ride, in support of the Hole in the Wall Gang
  61. Sleep under the stars in the Masai Mara, Kenya
  62. Enjoy a hot chocolate whilst watching the sun go down on Richmond hill in 2015
  63. Learn to play the guitar
  64. Explore my home country of Scotland
  65. Learn the Haka in New Zealand
    Learn the Haka
  66. Hike through the wondrous Torres del Paine in Chile
    Torres del Paine in Chile
  67. Go on an American Road Trip
  68. Watch the sunrise over Monument Valley
  69. Cycle across America
  70. Learn to cook
  71. Re-enact Ferris Buellers's rendition of Twist and Shout by the Beatles on top of a float
    See the 80's classic film 'Ferris Bueller's day off' for details and feel good joy.
  72. Ride 'The Ghan' in Australia
  73. Visit the Kimberley Coast
  74. Learn to play the Piano
  75. Go on the Transformers ride at Universal Studios
  76. Raise £100,000 for charity
  77. Cycle from John O'Groats to Lands End
  78. To be discovered
  79. To be discovered
  80. To be discovered
  81. To be discovered
  82. To be discovered
  83. To be discovered
  84. To be discovered
  85. To be discovered
  86. To be discovered
  87. To be discovered
  88. To be discovered
  89. To be discovered
  90. To be discovered
  91. To be discovered
  92. To be discovered
  93. To be discovered
  94. To be discovered
  95. To be discovered
  96. To be discovered
  97. To be discovered
  98. To be discovered
  99. To be discovered
  100. To be discovered
  101. Have a family of my own

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