Thing #8 – Learn the Tango in Buenos Aries

Here it is… The Tango!!

There are two things on my list that have filled me with fear. One is skydiving and the other was learning to dance! I have no rhythm whatsoever so I knew this one was going to be a tough one!
Strictly Come Dancing is my favourite show and ever since I started watching it I’ve always wanted to learn to dance.

A massive thank you to Lucia and Gerry who taught me this wonderful dance. As you will see I’m not going to win Strictly Come Dancing anytime soon but in only 6 one hour lessons they’ve shown me that there is a small glimmer of potential in those stiff limbs of mine!:)
The video was Lucia’s idea. She thought up the story and even hired a professional videographer to film it for me. They made the lessons such fun and filled me with confidence and I would definitely recommend looking them up if you ever come to Buenos Aries.

The story

I’ve come to Buenos Aires for one dance and one dance only…breaking hearts on the way!;)

Hope you enjoy


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