How I raised my money

I’ve received a lot of messages (and a fair bit of negative feedback) from people asking me how I managed to afford to go on this wonderful adventure i’m on. In this video I explain how I raised the money to make my website and trip a reality.

I know that not everyone can afford to do the things I am doing but the real purpose of 101 Things is to inspire others to believe that you can survive cancer and that there is life after cancer. All I ever wanted from sharing my story and my trip is to get people excited about the future and not fear it like I did for so long. The things on my list are examples of what is out there to look forward to. I believe that by having even just one of the things on my list to strive for and look forward to can change your entire outlook on life.

Believe in getting better and believe that there is a life after cancer. Even if you are not ill get out there and live your dreams. Do things that make you smile and appreciate your life as it is in this very moment. Anything is possible and I like to think that my story and trip is testament to that. X

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