Thing #58 – Shave my hair for charity

First things first, I love my hair! I don’t think I’ve actually been bald since I was going through chemo when I was 7 years old! This is not quite the same thing as losing your hair from chemotherapy but it certainly feels and looks….erm….different!:)

On the 12th March I shaved my hair in support of an amazing 15 year old girl in Australia. Caitlin Stewart shaved her head as part of the Leukaemia Foundation’s The Worlds Greatest Shave. Caitlin’s 6 year old brother, Tommy, sadly passed away after his battle with T-Cell Lymphoblastic Lymphoma.
Caitlin decided she wanted to raise as much money as possible in order to find a cure so other families didn’t have to go through the same pain her family experienced.

A friend of Caitlin’s family contacted me and asked if I would support her and shave my head at the same time. Although I love my hair it was quite easy for me to shave my head. It will grow back in a few weeks time. For a 15 year old girl however this is very big deal. I think Caitlin has done amazingly and it was my absolute honour to support her in doing this.

Thank you to everyone who kindly donated to this wonderful cause and supported us. If you would like to donate please see the following link:-


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