Thing #16 – See the Perito Moreno Glacier in Argentina

I remember seeing a picture of this glacier in my geography books at school and being totally mesmerised by it. I think it was seeing this glacier that really got me into nature and how the world was formed.

This is nature at it’s most awesome so I totally recommend coming to the Parque Nacional Los Glaciares in argentine Patagonia to see it.

This thing is absolutely massive! 30km long, 5km wide and 60m in high. It’s one of the few advancing glaciers in the world. Most other glaciers are now receding due to global warming but this bad boy is staying strong and advances up to 2m a day. Massive pieces of ice fall of the front of the glacier in the afternoon sun but unfortunately I was way to slow with my camera to capture them.

I went on a hiking tour of the glacier which was wonderful and even included a cheeky glass of whisky with ice from the glacier. If only I liked whisky! 🙂

My inner geography geek was awoken when I saw this beautiful glacier and it was even more amazing and beautiful than I ever imagined. A dream come true and definitely one for your list! Absolutely magical.

Tips for travel

  • Book ahead. Treks on the glacier often get booked up in advance.
  • The trek is only 1h 45 mins so not exhausting. Any fitness level will be able to do this.
  • Wrap up warm.
  • Remember to bring dollars as exchanging on the ‘blue’ market gives you a far better exchange rate than withdrawing from a cash machine.
  • Get ready to see nature at its most awesome!



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