Training montage

One day to go before I undertake my biggest ever challenge.

With only two weeks of training there was only one thing I could do to pump me up for the big ride….a Rocky style Training montage!


Cheesy scenes galore including a gratuitous bath scene!:)

Hope you enjoy and I hope this puts a smile on your face. Thank you all so much for your support.


The Story

I was asked to take part in a charity bike ride called Angelride, a 2 day 140 mile ride across the state of Connecticut in the US. Angelride raises money and awareness for a camp called the Hole In the Wall Gang. The money raised from the riders of Angelride is donated to the camps outreach programme which sends camp to hospitals for children who are too ill to attend camp. The hole in the wall gang is a magical place where seriously ill children can go and forget their worries, have fun, feel accepted and experience joy. There was no way I could refuse!

I arrived in the US with only 2 weeks to train for the event. I am in remission for cancer, the vein that takes blood back to my heart is blocked and Ive never ridden a road bike before.
There was only one way I could achieve this wonderful challenge……a training montage!

This is a homage to one of the classic films of all time…Rocky IV. In the film it is Ivan Drago who is Rocky’s formidable opponent. My formidable opponents are the hills of Connecticut which I have renamed ‘Ivan Dragos’. And just in case you can’t make it out, I’m shouting… DRAGO… at the end of the video!

Let’s do this!

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