Thing #49 – Sail to Colombia via the San Blas Islands

This is a new addition to my list and one I will remember forever.

The San blas Islands are beautiful tropical islands off the coast of Panama. They are about as tropical as they get and are only occupied by indigenous people known as the Kuna so are not developed in the slightest.

In this video I talk about the Islands but had to use some pictures as I was getting motion sickness just watching the footage I shot on the boat. I also talk about visualisation and you get to see the awesome view of Cartagena as we approached on the final day of sailing.

Definitely one for your list if you want to relax and be outside in the sun. However, the 2 day open water sailing trip to Colombia after the San blas is pretty choppy and I was sick a couple of times so beware. It’s pretty cheap and all meals are included.

Top tips

  • Bring sea sickness tablets
  • Lots of sun cream
  • Get ready to experience paradise

If you can go with Captain Fernando of the Perla. He was absolutely amazing and knows all about life and what it means. We had some great chats about being in the moment and not worrying about the future and not dwelling on the past. Pretty good advice!

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