Merry Christmas and thank you x

A Merry Christmas message and a massive thank you to you all. It’s been a very interesting few days this Christmas. I’ve been in all the papers, my website got over 16,000 hits and I received the most beautiful messages I’ve even seen. I always believed that my story was worth sharing simply because this is something I would have liked to have seen when battling cancer as both a child and as an adult. When I was suffering with post traumatic stress disorder I read a small article about Kylie Minogue where she said that there wasn’t a day that went by where she didn’t think about cancer. This helped me more than I could ever have imagined as at the time I thought I was losing my mind. All I thought and worried about was cancer. I wondered how many people might be out there that perhaps felt like I did. Maybe knowing that there was someone else who felt like this might also help them. So here I am! I’ve experienced cancer, I’ve lived with the mental health issues that come with cancer and I made it to the other side to a point where I feel strong, cancer free and happy. I want you all to know that you can do the same. You can also survive so start making that list!

Please have a look at CRUK’s ‘Every Moment Counts’ campaign at and share your special moments. It’s a campaign that is very close to my heart.x


  • Alex Kunicki

    Greig I am so happy you are ok! You probably don’t remember me from work but you stuck in my mind of being one of the nicest persons I’ve met through our job. Best soco ever. Always with a smile. Then I didn’t see you and I had no idea you had suffered ! Or where you had gone. This was before facebook. I have sent this link to my dad’s neighbour as she is suffering from cancer. In the wishes and conviction she will be ok.
    Anyhow I am glad for you !! Stay in touch. You are truly inspirational!

  • fraiz

    I am Auxi from Spain,Ive just arrive from London where I meet you web reading the Free paper someone gave to me at the undergrown since then I follow you.I like your idea.I ve beenn working in southamerica and how the people say over there suerte

  • Sandra Bermeo

    it`s a plesure that Greig Trout is spending time here in Ecuador!!! I sow this video about my city Cuenca and I got very exited!!! I will like to travel the Word too and I hope everything is ok in your life Greig! good luck and I wish you to fulfill all your goals! 🙂

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