Nutrition… and free places on an amazing nutrition course!

Cancer is on the rise and we all seem to be obsessed with the treatment of cancer through medical research. But what about the prevention of cancer? Very few people including the government seem to be talking about why cancer is on the rise. Well it’s easy, our diet and our environment is rubbish (bad)! We eat meats from animals that are pumped full of hormones and are fed un nutritious foods, our vegetables and fruits are covered in pesticides and flown in from 1000s of miles away and our living and working environment is a smog and stress filled land of fast food and lack of exercise.

I’m a big believer in the power of nutrition. It makes perfect sense that what we put into out bodies can affect our overall well being. A formula one racing team wouldn’t put cheap fuel into its cars so why do we put bad fuel into the thing that keeps us alive?!

When I was ill I was overwhelmed by the amount of information on nutrition, all I might add I researched myself. My doctors didn’t mention nutrition once to me. I went to see a nutritional therapist called Liz Butler from Body Soul Nutrition. Liz was amazing and she broke everything down so I understood it and she developed a diet which was the perfect mix of boosting my immune system and making my body an inhospitable place for cancer cells!

Nutrition Course

Liz is holding a 4 week internet course that will guide you through the maze of information that will help you pick out the tools that are right for your unique situation and allowing you to optimise your own body’s powerful healing capabilities.

Liz is offering free places for two 101 Things followers (all countries accepted). If you are interested then please visit the Facebook Page, and write ‘COUNT ME IN’ in the comments box and I’ll get it sorted. It’s first come first serve so be please be quick.

For everyone else please consider doing this course. You will learn so much and it will not only help boost your immune systems cancer fighting cells but it will also fill you with confidence that everything you are putting into you body is helping destroy the bad cells and strengthen the good cells.

Please see the link below for more information:-
Body Soul Nutrition:

Update 04/05/2014

Body Soul Nutrition is now offering 30% of it’s 4 week nourish and thrive course exclusively for the gang of 101 Things!

If you are going through or have recovered from cancer and want ways to pump up your cancer fighting immune system then this course is for you!

Be quick though as course starts on the 7th May!

Please contact Liz Butler via the website to sign up. I’ve seen Liz for years and believe me she opened up my eyes to how important nutrition is in fighting and preventing cancer which in turn made me feel a lot better and that I was being proactive in fighting it.




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