Well, I’ve left the beautiful Patagonia and headed north (on one 29 hour bus ride and then a 16 hour bus ride) up to a place called Mendoza in Argentina.

Patagonia to Mendoza

I’ve been looking forward to coming here for ages as it’s wine country and I’m a big fan of my red wine. I don’t drink much anymore so my idea of a crazy night out these days is a nice meal with a cheeky glass (or a bottle if I’m feeling really crazy) of red wine!

The truth is I haven’t got a clue about wine except that I quite like it. When looking at a wine menu I mostly ignore all of the names and types and focus entirely on the price!:). So tomorrow, I’m off on a wine tour with a company called, believe it or not…’Trout and Wine‘ to learn about wine…and taste a wee bit in the process! 😉

Trout and Wine

When I booked it I asked if I could get a discount for having the same name and the guy gave me a free bottle of wine! For years people have laughed at my name but I bet there not laughing anymore. Instead of laughs, I now get wine! 🙂 x

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