I have seen first hand the effects of both a negative and a positive mindset and the power of the mind is a truly incredible thing.

During my worst time with PTSD I suffered with eczema, psoriasis, insomnia and anxiety.

It has only been in recent years that I have made a point of learning the science behind how our thoughts effect our body.

I recently discovered the work of this amazing man…

Dr David Hamilton David R Hamilton PhD is a former pharmaceutical scientist who was so fascinated by the placebo effect that he made it his life’s ambition to learn the true power of the mind and how we can harness it to improve our physical health.

His book How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body is something that every single one of us should read. Packed with case studies, research and examples, it provides clear evidence of why our thinking influences our physical health.

Having things to look forward to was the first step in causing a chain reaction within my body that snapped me out of my darkness and got me excited about the future instead of fearing it.
It was only later that I understood the science behind why that happened- when we visualise ourselves succeeding in something, it releases that little bit of dopamine in the brain which gives us that feel good feeling and this can often be the first steps in alleviating depression or anxiety.

When we visualise something, the mind can’t distinguish between what is real or not therefore when we imagine being somewhere else we can experience all physical and emotional responses we would by actually being there for real.
Visualisation, people, experiences, gratitude, support, kindness, joy and love have all helped strengthen my mindset to become the healthiest and most contented version of myself.

David’s book beautifully illustrates the connections between the body and mind and how these can influence the healing process. Even the way we think about the treatment or medication we have can have a significant impact on its effectiveness.

His latest book – The Five Side Effects of Kindness is also a must read. We use some of David’s findings in the 52 Lives School Kindness Project and it is absolutely life changing. Kindness doesn’t just help someone else, it also helps ourselves both emotionally and physically.

I met with David this week and also had the pleasure of hearing him give a talk.

His books may just change your life!


david Books

I spent last night trawling through just some of the many thousands of photos I’ve taken over the past few years when I stumbled upon this little beauty.

This was the very first 101 photo I ever took. My friend Gemma was taking a pic of me in front of the stunning Cathedral of Leon in Nicaragua when she suggested I turn around to get the 101 logo in the shot instead.

And with that, the 101 pose was born.
I’m going to be sharing some of the classic 101 shots over the next few months which I hope will give you inspiration for possible future destinations but also encourage you to get out there and take your own 101 pics!

101 t-shirts are now on sale so pick one up via the website and get out there and do something you love.

It doesn’t matter what it is, just as long as it helps you feel good! Send in a pic and we’ll plaster it all over 101 to inspire others.

Just visualising being in a place can evoke all the same sensations as actually being there.

Having things to look forward to helped me get over my own mental darkness during my worst time with PTSD.

Research has shown that when we visualise ourselves being somewhere or succeeding in something, it releases that feel-good chemical, dopamine, in the brain which can often be the first step in alleviating the symptoms of anxiety or depression.

So when you look at these photos or make a list, visualise yourself being there and I guarantee it will help light you up inside.
Happy visualising gang!



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