He’s finally here!!

Dearest gang, Jaime and I are so proud to introduce you all to our beautiful baby son – Joseph Greig Trout – born on the 2nd August 2017 and weighing a healthy and sturdy 7lbs 9oz.
I still can’t quite believe I helped make him.
He is the most beautiful little thing we could ever hope for and we are so grateful to have him in our lives.

Thing 101 – To have a family of my own – TICK!


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I’ve ticked some pretty incredible things off my list but I always wanted thing 101 on my list to be something extra special. Something so extraordinary and life changing that there was a good chance that it might not even be possible.

About half way through my trip around the world and after staying with various inspiring families and communities, I finally decided what that special thing was – To have a family of my own.

Last year I managed to achieve the first half of that particular thing on my list when I fell in love with the girl of my dreams. What was even more amazing was that she fell in love with me too.
A few months ago Jaime and I got the news I never thought I would.

After years of thinking that chemo may have stripped me of my ability to have children, this little guy suddenly appeared. I still can’t quite believe it. My thirties started off as a nightmare but now they feel like a dream. I feel like I am the most grateful person in the world.

This little miracle will be arriving later on this summer. My greatest adventure yet!



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