A couple of weeks ago, I asked for your help to buy a wheelchair for Noah in lieu of gifts for our new baby boy. So this little guy wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who helped buy Noah that life changing wheelchair.

We needed £1500 to add to the money Butterfly Children’s Hospice had already raised and thanks to all of you and the amazing community at 52 Lives we raised an astonishing £2163… just over 24hours. Absolutely Amazing!

100% of that goes straight to buying Noah his wheelchair and the rest will go to helping the other children at Butterfly Children’s hospices.

I recognised so many 101 names on the donation page and we can’t thank you enough.
This is without doubt the best birthday present Joseph could have wished for.
I hope we can take him to China one day to meet his buddy Noah and the rest of the butterflies. It is a truly wonderful charity that helps sick and abandoned children have the love and support that they deserve.

Much love and thanks gang. You are wonderful and I am so incredibly proud to be part of this community.


Noah’s wheelchair is being fitted as I type and I’ll share a pic of him and his new wheels very soon!

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Some you may remember that towards the end of my trip I spent some time at the incredible Butterfly Children’s Hospice in China.

This wonderful charity cares for abandoned and sick children and thanks to the help of you guys and 52 Lives we were able to help buy two of the children specialist wheelchairs which has completely transformed their lives.

Some of you have kindly offered to buy things for my baby son who will hopefully be born this week (He’s a stubborn little thing).

We have everything we could ever possibly need in the world and I wondered if instead, you wouldn’t mind donating that money or any spare you have to help buy this beautiful little boy his wheelchair.

Noah was just baby when I met him and I must admit I was slightly taken a back when I first saw him but then totally fell in love with him.
He sadly has a condition which doesn’t allow fluid to drain from his brain and as a result his head is a lot larger and heavier than that of a normal child’s. He was abandoned as a baby and now he is taken care of by the amazing nurses at Butterfly.

He can’t sit up and therefore can’t be taken outside and struggles to interact with his friends.
He is such a beautiful boy and I remember how he loved to grab my hands and play with the stubble on my face.

Noah is now 4 and the Butterfly Hospice has raised half of the funds needed to buy his wheelchair.
52 Lives is now helping raise the remaining £1500 and I thought the 101 gang might be able to help reach our target.

Like Matilda and Edmund a specialist wheelchair will transform Noah’s life. He will be able to go outside, sit up and interact with the world around him and no longer have to spend his days laying on the floor looking up at the ceiling.

As with all of the lives helped by 52 Lives – 100% of what you give goes straight to helping buy his wheelchair.

If you can spare anything at all we would be so incredibly grateful and even if you can’t just liking or sharing this post will help it pop up on someones screen who may be able to help.

Thanks so much gang.

Much love.

You can donate here –


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