Nutritional therapist, Liz Butler, will be uploading videos and nutritional facts about cancer supporting foods and healthy recipes. Keep your eyes peeled.


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Right Nutrition! We’ve all been told from a young age to eat our greens and try and get as much fruit and veg down our necks as possible. But do we really know why? I must admit I thought I knew but it turns out I really didn’t have a scooby.

After being diagnosed with cancer for a second time I freaked out and started reading books on cancer and nutrition. I saw nutritional therapists and cancer experts and learned so much I almost became cross-eyed from all the information. My nutritional therapists Liz Butler put me on a great diet during chemotherapy which was designed to strengthen my immune system and to make my body a cancer-destroying machine.

My objective from doing all this was to try and make my body as inhospitable to cancer as possible. I didn’t want that bad boy returning for a third time so I started to research the likes and dislike of my old foe in the hope of getting rid of him forever.

These are just a few things that I’ve learned in the past few years and what I’ve discovered about diet isn’t just for those with cancer but anyone who wants to get well and stay well.

Cancer is basically when cells in the body go rogue and start to spread and cause damage to the body. Cancer seems to have sky rocketed in the 20th century which appears to have grown hand in hand with industrialisation. Even the most conservative of cancer expert’s state that 75% of cancers are associated with what we drink, eat and breathe. Yikes!

The World Cancer Research Fund reckons that you could cut your risk of cancer by up to 40% by adopting the right diet.

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