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Some of you will remember me talking about a wonderful charity called ’52 Lives’ over the past year. My good friend Jaime (second photo) who has been an amazing source of support to me during my travels started this initiative a little over a year ago.
Jaime’s aim was to help change a different persons life for the better every single week of the year by simply asking if anyone could help on Facebook.
She got the idea when reading a classified add where a woman was asking if anyone had a spare rug she could have for her broken floor so her children wouldn’t cut their feet. Jaime thought that if people only knew about her then they would love to help. At 5am the next morning she started a facebook page called ’52 Lives’.
So far she has helped make over 52 people’s life better because of the simple fact that ‘people are good’.

Each week she puts out a request on Facebook to her ’52 Lives’ gang and each week they help make someone’s life better.
Jaime has told me that two members of our 101 Gang have been influential in helping 52 Lives since first seeing it on the 101 Things page.
They have helped in so many ways, it would take too long to list everything they have done, but here is a little glimpse…They helped to buy a car for a single mum and her son, who both have cancer and had no way of getting to the hospital. They have sent twin boys with a rare disease on a holiday to swim with dolphins. They have bought a computer for a young mum trying to gain qualifications. They have helped buy dentures for a young man with no teeth. They have helped to build a sensory shed for a toddler who was about to lose her eyesight. They have given a brand new bed to a lady with disabilities, who has a spring poking through her mattress. And they have sent messages of support to a young boy who was being bullied because of his scars. Absolutely amazing!

Because of 52 Lives I was put in touch with the families of two very sick Australian children called Claire and Tommy who sadly passed away last year. Claire was the very first life that ’52 Lives’ helped.
I was asked to support Tommy’s older sister, Caitlin who was shaving her head for the Leukaemia foundation in Australia. We did this on the same day when I was in Chile and Caitlin was in Australia and raised $1000s of dollars for charity.
I had the immense honour of spending time with these amazing families when I was in Australia.

Each week I will be sharing the requests of 52 Lives on the 101 Things To Do When You Survive page. We would love it if you could help or maybe you know someone who can. With a larger community to ask we hope that 52 Lives can help even more people.

This weeks request has already been achieved which was to help send 18 kindergarten kids on a field trip. Some of these kids arrive at school having slept in homeless shelters, some arrive hungry, some without adequate clothing. They needed US$240 to send them on a field trip. The total currently stands at over $1500. Incredible!

Please Follow 52 Lives directly on Facebook:-
Feel free to share the page of 52 Lives on your own facebook. You never know who could help!

Well done Jaime and all the 52 lives community. You are all wonderful. Keep up the amazing work.



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