I recently had the immense honour of giving the closing lecture at the Excellence in Healthcare conference at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons in Glasgow.

I met some truly inspirational people, attended a fundraising ball at the magnificent Kelvingrove Museum and even got to tell Princess Anne all about 101 Things To Do When You Survive.
I always enjoy speaking at events and I particularly love it when I can speak to those directly involved in patient and health care. These guys after all, are one of the main reasons i’m here today.
My closing message to this group of leading healthcare scientists, doctors and surgeons was simple – Keep innovating but please don’t underestimate the impact you can also have on a human level.

My time with PTSD was a darker experience than both of my cancers. It got to a point where test results became almost secondary to having someone just tell me that how I was feeling was normal.

I firmly believe that support is an enormous part of the cure for cancer and mental health issues, and medical professionals are a huge part of that support network. I for one look up to them and listen to every word they say. A friendly face, a short engaged conversation or even a reassuring comment can go a long way in improving the wellbeing of a patient. If our mind is feeling good our immune system thrives … and then anything is possible.

Thank you to RCOPS for having me and for all the work you are doing to improve healthcare around the world.


kelvin tux princess

My amazing girlfriend has her first ever book coming out this September!!!
Her charity, 52 Lives has helped so many people over the past few years and this wonderful book is all about the very thing that makes that possible – Kindness.
I am so very proud of her.

Click here to preorder now – KINDNESS – The little thing that matters most 



I went to be bed last night super excited about going on this weeks adventure but woke up to the news of the horrific and senseless attack in Manchester.

My big brother, Barry and I have just spent the past 12 hours driving up to the highlands of Scotland listening to the radio coverage and we’ve both felt a bit numb.
We sent our love to Manchester as we passed.

We arrived in Fort William, set up camp and tomorrow we’ll tick off thing number 39 – Climb Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Great Britain. We then set off for 4 days of wild camping in one of the remotest parts of the UK.

This is the first time we’ve done something like this together and after hearing of the families who lost their loved ones, I plan on appreciating every single second of this experience with my Brother more than ever.

Grab your loved ones, tell them that you love them and do the things you’ve always said you’d do together. Life really is so short.

Tomorrow’s climb is for the victims and their families.

Much love Manchester.


map bags BROS



A 5-6 day hike which is considered one of the most scenic treks in the world.

Chilean Patagonia

Some people pay thousands to do this trek with a tour company but it can be done for a fraction of the price. I rented my own equipment, took my own food and paid the general admission to the park.

8/10 – A tough 4 seasons in one day trek with some steady and steep inclines. Go prepared, fit & well. I struggled with the weight of my pack on steep sections.

10/10 – One of the most beautiful landscapes on the planet scattered with glaciers, forests, granite peaks and breathtaking valleys. Guaranteed to light you up inside.

Do it from end to start to avoid crowds and to be pushed along by the strong westerly winds. You’ll also get to end at the mighty Torres (towers) instead of starting there.

Happy hiking gang!



I spent last night trawling through just some of the many thousands of photos I’ve taken over the past few years when I stumbled upon this little beauty.

This was the very first 101 photo I ever took. My friend Gemma was taking a pic of me in front of the stunning Cathedral of Leon in Nicaragua when she suggested I turn around to get the 101 logo in the shot instead.

And with that, the 101 pose was born.
I’m going to be sharing some of the classic 101 shots over the next few months which I hope will give you inspiration for possible future destinations but also encourage you to get out there and take your own 101 pics!

101 t-shirts are now on sale so pick one up via the website and get out there and do something you love.

It doesn’t matter what it is, just as long as it helps you feel good! Send in a pic and we’ll plaster it all over 101 to inspire others.

Just visualising being in a place can evoke all the same sensations as actually being there.

Having things to look forward to helped me get over my own mental darkness during my worst time with PTSD.

Research has shown that when we visualise ourselves being somewhere or succeeding in something, it releases that feel-good chemical, dopamine, in the brain which can often be the first step in alleviating the symptoms of anxiety or depression.

So when you look at these photos or make a list, visualise yourself being there and I guarantee it will help light you up inside.
Happy visualising gang!



Mental health is a topic that is very close to my heart. This week myself and the inspiring Sarah Page from award winning insurance company had the chance to chat about our personal experiences via Facebook live interviews for the International Business Times and Hello!

You can find the links to both below:-

International Business Times






A video explaining how a guy with one kidney, half a bowel, deep vein thrombosis and in remission for cancer managed to get travel insurance.

“It’s been one year since I finished treatment for breast cancer. Physically I feel fine but mentally is a very different story. Some days I see it as a success when I manage to get out of bed and make it out the front door.

Buying one of your Tshirts and reading your story is helping me to move forward, although I wish there was a fast forward button in learning to cope with the emotional side.

Here are my first 2 pics with the T Shirt, hiking in Chamonix with the view of Mont Blanc, on a recent holiday”



Screen Shot 2017-05-02 at 19.04.48

“I like this picture because of me and the world around me. I look at the picture and do not care about my funny hair, my long arms and huge hands, my grin, my funny trousers. I see my friend taking the picture on a warmish day, I can hear her laughing and I feel safe.”
I am Alexa. I relocated from Germany to London, my favourite city, in June 2012. In 2014 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. I had a mastectomy, followed by 6 cycles of chemotherapy and 3 weeks of radiotherapy, all at the Royal Free Hospital in Hampstead, near to my new home in Chalk Farm. For at least the next 5 years I am on Tamoxifen.

My friends and family wanted me to return to Germany for treatment but I decided not to. I could not stand the thought of living in a guest room while I was ill and feeling down. I wanted to be surrounded by all the things I love, including my new life in London. For every chemo cycle one family member or friend came over to help out for a few days and after they flew back home I had help from friends and colleagues from London. They brought me cooked food, laughter and distraction. It was in this time that I realised that some colleagues turned into real friends.

From Facebook and 52 Lives I came across your Facebook page and bought one of the 101 Things-Hoodies. Please find attached 2 pictures where I wear it:

The first picture was taken by my friend Birgit. I go to see her and her family in Felixstowe, Suffolk regularly. I went there and because the weather was quite nice I wanted to see the port of Felixstowe. The best place to see it and have a good overview is from the Fort Felixstowe.
I like this picture because of me and the world around me. I look at the picture and do not care about my funny hair, my long arms and huge hands, my grin, my funny trousers. I see my friend taking the picture on a warmish day, I can hear her laughing and I feel safe (It´s maybe because of the walls surrounding the fort).

I also like to look at the other people/strangers in the picture. The girl in the right corner seems to thing “What is that crazy lady doing?”. And other visitors do not notice me at all, they just do what they were coming for, to visit the fort.
Sometimes it is such a good feeling that, although my life changed and shifted so much during the last 15 months, the world has not changed much and people keep on doing their things without knowing me or my story.

In the second one you can not see the logo well but I am getting something I always wanted to get, a tattoo. I never knew what design to get and where on my body to put it but when I was diagnosed with cancer I knew it before I started treatment. It is a “C” around my ankle, starting as a black dark letter, turning into a bird swarm.
One of the birds is red symbolising a hot spot in my pelvis, doctors found in a full body scan after my diagnosis which could be a metastasis. I always loved birds. So I hope to turn something really scary and horrible into something beautiful.




IMG_1605 IMG_0171

I’ve wanted to visit Berlin for such a long time and I got the chance earlier this year but as it was for work I didn’t get to see anything at all.
So when the Pharmaceutical company Roche asked me to go and speak at a conference over there I cheekily asked if they wouldn’t mind delaying my return flight home so I could do some sight seeing.
My mum has always wanted to go to Berlin so I asked her if she fancied coming to meet me and when I told my brother we were going he also jumped at the chance. Sadly my dad couldnt make it otherwise it would have been a complete family affair.
We don’t often go on trips like this as a family so this was a rare treat.
I met so many amazing German people on my trip I immediately fell in love with Germany without even going there.
There is so much to see in Berlin. It’s not the prettiest city in the world but it’s packed with character and it’s history is beyond belief.
The highlight was without doubt spending some quality time with my family. We ate, we laughed, we chatted and we walked….a lot… but In-between all of this we also saw some incredible sights.
Here are a few which make Berlin a worthy addition to your anti-bucket list:-
There are parts of the wall located all over the city but our favourite part was the EAST SIDE GALLERY which consists of a mile long stretch of all which is the worlds largest open air mural collection. Over 100 paintings which help describe the nations euphoria when the wall finally came down. It’s quite surreal to think that this wall once separated an entire city.
The idea for this incredible gate was conceived when the artist visited the Acropolis in Athens. It’s amazing in the day but even more incredible at night. At the weekends illuminations are projected onto the gate which literarily took my breath away. Have a look at the video further down on this page to see it in action.
It is difficult to describe how it feels walking through this maze of concrete blocks but you cannot help but feel moved by it. The memorial covers the area of a football pitch and consists of large concrete blocks at different heights designed to to produce an uneasy, confusing atmosphere, and the whole sculpture aims to represent a supposedly ordered system that has lost touch with human reason.
As I walked through in silence it was hard to grasp how 6 million people could have been murdered for doing nothing more than being Jewish.
This incredible building is the used as the German seat of Parliament. It’s been burned, bombed and damaged throughout the years but it’s risen from the ashes and is a must when in Berlin.
The famous glass dome is something of architectural genius and blew us all away. You can walk right up to the top.
Best of all were the 360 degree views of Berlin from the roof.
Both heartbreaking and inspirational. This incredibly designed museum is an education in Jewish history.
It’s is packed with real life artefacts each with their own story. Many of the stories are heartbreaking but one which warmed my heart was that of jeans maker Levi Strauss. See pic to read story.
We stayed in Berlin in for two and half days which was a good amount of time to see the main sights.
There is still so much more to see and do so maybe add on a day or two to fit it all in.

IMG_0551 IMG_0565 IMG_0475 IMG_0476 IMG_0394 IMG_2080 IMG_0365 P1060640 IMG_0580 IMG_0507 IMG_2078 IMG_2070 IMG_2079 IMG_2082 IMG_0501 fullsizeoutput_28a7 IMG_0554 IMG_0390 IMG_0371 IMG_2071 IMG_2081 IMG_0576 fullsizeoutput_28a8

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